Notes from some of the schools. . .

"Dear Josh,

Just a quick note of thanks for your outstanding performance in celebration of your father at Plymouth Canton High School earlier this year. What a great opportunity for the students to hear and see this direct connection to history. The tie-in with the recent release of the Josh White postage stamp was the perfect chance to teach about music, history and politics. The presentation was well thought out and had wide appeal to this audience of high school students. I can see that it would be easy to adapt this message to a wide variety of age groups.

"I had no idea your dad wrote that many songs. I always considered him to be a great blues and folk interpreter. He was that, of course, but your presentation showed me another side of him. Now I see clearly his commitment to the political and social struggle that African Americans were going through while he lived.

"There is no better time to be getting this message out to young people and doing it through music and songs is an effective teaching tool indeed. Thanks for sharing your family and your unique musical gifts with the Plymouth Canton schools. Students of all ages should be exposed to what you have to offer!"

Matt Watroba
English Department
Plymouth Canton High School

"I have been arranging assemblies at our elementary school for several years. I always worry, when I book a particular performer, that the performance will be less than worthwhile. I did not even consider this would be a problem with Josh White, Jr., having seen him interact with young children on other occasions. But I had no idea that this would be among our MOST worthwhile and fun assemblies. His warm and natural style engaged all of our children. They were captivated by his wit, charm and his wonderful songs and stories about great Black people in history. He brought the spirit of Dr. King into our school on Martin Luther King day this year-and we will remember him for many years to come." - Marian Manganello, Maire Elementary School, Grosse Pointe., MI

"Dear Josh,

We enjoyed learning about Detroit's rich history and cultural diversity through your sensational musical presentation. You had our students' rapt attention throughout your very entertaining participatory show. It's obvious that you enjoy children as much as they enjoy you! You exceeded our high expectations for our kickoff assembly to celebrate Detroit's 300th Birthday." - Nancy Timmer, Community/School Organizer, Pierce Elementary School, Birmingham Public Schools

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